Sunday, December 12, 2010


Have I ever introduced you to our dog, Yogi? He's a very special little doggy.

Blondie's mother has two miniature Australian Shepherds and has raised several litters of puppies. Blondie decided to buy a puppy from the last litter and had selected a cute little female and named her Penny. However, things didn't work out for Penny. She was a very headstrong little puppy and Blondie wanted a sweet, playful puppy. Penny was a dog's dog; Yogi loves people. He decided to take Yogi instead, and it has worked out really well.

We named his puppy Yogi because he was so fat and fluffy when he was little that he looked like a little bear. Of course, he has grown out of that roly poly puppy stage, but the name stuck. He is an incredibly sweet dog. He is pretty shy around strangers, but he gets extremely excited about seeing people he knows. Since he moved here, we have been working on the "no jumping!" command because he gets so excited when he sees people that he wants to jump up and greet them.

He loves playing and will drag out every toy in the house. His toys are in a little basket by the sofa and the moment he comes in the house, he heads straight for the toy basket and grabs his mouse. The mouse is really a cat toy. It has a string you pull that makes it vibrate. Yogi has figured out how to pull the string himself and can entertain himself all evening with the mouse.

Sunday evening he must have gotten really excited about the mouse, because I found it attached to his collar. Sometimes he will pull the string out all the way and swing the mouse around to "kill" it. Apparently, it swung just right to get caught on the clip that keeps his tag on his collar because I found him wearing a mouse necklace!


Carina said...

There's noting better than having a cute dog...that is owned by your friends who live nearby.

Thanks for having an awesome dog that we get to enjoy with no responsibilities attached!