Thursday, January 20, 2011


It's cold. On my way to work this morning, it was 18*. I know that's normal for lots of folks, but here where the wind comes sweeping down the plains, it's cold!

Dogs shiver in their doghouses, peeking out with pitiful faces begging to be let inside. Swingsets on school playgrounds sit listlessly, waiting for sunny days when children can play. Oklahomans, not accustomed to the frigid weather, drag out their once-a-year winter gear. People keep their gas tanks full and their trunks loaded with supplies. Everyone goes to the grocery store and stocks up on bread and milk, as if a family could live on that if they were stranded for a week.

So far this school year, Blondie has not had any snow days. He's hoping to maintain that trend, because if they don't use their snow days, they get out of school on Fridays in April. We have been letting Yogi sleep in the garage. Blondie told him it's because, "even though he's a big little dog, he's still a little dog." It's true. He's full grown, but he's still puny. He wouldn't make it all night at 18*.

Blondie did rig up a heat lamp in Yogi's dog house. His little cocoon stays at a toasty 40* when it is about 32* outside. If it gets much below freezing, though, he sleeps inside. Today we took Yogi to Blondie's parents' house to spend the day because they have a cozy porch where the dogs can snuggle up. No, Yogi isn't really spoiled at all.

On days like today when the roads are icy and the conditions are uncertain, Blondie drops me off at work and then drives on to school. My office is about 15 miles from our house and his school is 20 miles farther. We only have one vehicle that is 4-wheel-drive, so we carpool on nasty days. This means I have to get up an hour earlier than usual. I'm not a fan of getting up early anyway, and especially not on cold winter days!

I drank hot chocolate at the office while I checked emails this morning. It made me feel a little better about being there at 7:15.


Pat Clayton said...

Snow days are always interesting! I'm a student at a community college in Northwest Arkansas. Our schools, including the college, cancelled school because of weather. This means spring break gets cut short for the public schools. At my school, it just means we double up on work until we're back on track! While I've been bundled up at home, I have been working on my blog:

Carina said...

I'm still hoping we get at least one snow day this year. I'm not so crazy about the danger aspect of it all, but I love not having to drive into town for one day!