Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crafty Christmas Tree Ornament

We had a fun Christmas! We stayed so busy that apparently neither Lisa or I have had time to write anything since before the holidays started!

Before Christmas this year, Mom told me she thought her tree looked sad and naked. When we moved out of the house, Lisa and I got to take our Christmas tree ornaments with us. She kept our baby ones and the ones we made for her in 4-H, but all of the festive ones we collected over the years were gone. So I decided to get crafty and make her a new ornament!

Poor C. got coerced into helping me with this project. I needed thin slices of tree branches, so he went in search of pretty wood. He even used his uncle's fancy saw to make them smooth. Next, I needed help branding our initials and the year in the slices. I pretty much held the torch while he did all the branding.

So, C. did pretty much all the work, while I got all the credit for having the idea. I did add the pretty little bundle of what my dad called "alfalfa" at the top. I thought it seemed more Christmas-y.

Next year I'll have to come up with another idea for a crafty Christmas ornament!


BKWilliams said...

Love it! This is a neat idea, but you always have neat ideas.