Thursday, January 6, 2011

Merry Christmas, Lucy!

I never thought we would be those people. The kind who think their dog talks to them and deserves to be treated like she is a special member of the family. We are officially those people.

A few days before Christmas, we were browsing Tractor Supply. We like to browse Tractor Supply because they have fun, sometimes unusual things. We were also a bit behind on our Christmas shopping.

As we wandered past the pet things, C. decided Lucy needed a new bowl because the rubber that keeps hers from scooting around on the kitchen floor came off. We also noticed their Loofa Dogs were on sale. We had tried to give Lucy a toy back in her more skittish days, but she didn't know what to do with it. We decided this would be a good opportunity to get Lucy a gift.

We picked the prettiest bowl and the cutest Loofa Dog and hid them from her until Christmas Eve. At this point I was too excited and I had to give Lucy her gifts (I can't handle the excitement of waiting to give people gifts, I want to give them away now).

Lucy pretended that she didn't care about her new bowl. And she only cuddles her Loofa Dog when we aren't looking. But I'm sure she loves her gifts. And she undoubtedly understands the true meaning of Christmas. She is the smartest dog ever.

And it is possible that her people are a bit more silly than average.


Glynn Cobb said...

Trigger's people are a bit more silly than average too. We took his one of his toys, a bone, and his blanket (that goes in his crate) to the vet with him when we boarded him.

Glynn said...

Now i have no idea why it commented with my maiden name! Thank you auto fill on forms the mac!