Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Snow Day

Last week we knew a snowstorm was coming on Tuesday, so we did some laundry on Monday evening just in case we ended up without electricity for the rest of the week. We were supposed to get lots of ice last week. Ice, combined with strong winds, wreaks havoc on our power lines and we often have to rough it for several days at a time. In fact, one winter when I was in college, we had no electricity for three long weeks on the farm.

However, this time instead of ice and wind we got snow and wind. Last Tuesday morning, I woke up to find snow in my dryer.

The winds were so strong that they gusted the snow right up the vent into the dryer! We were just happy to still have electricity, though, so we didn't mind re-washing the clothes. We thought about just re-drying them, but decided that might not be a good idea. That snow might look fresh and white, but it was actually pretty dirty. Blondie had to scoop up a drift in order to be able to open our back door, and he dumped it in the utility room sink. When the snow melted, there there was a puddle of mud where the snow had been. It has been so dry here that the dust blew right in with the snow.

This week we were promised another snowstorm. We learned our lesson from last week and replaced the dryer vent with a hood that had a more effective flap. There was no snow in our dryer this morning, but our washing machine was frozen. So much for doing laundry today.


Lilibeth said...

Aw. So sad. You might have to sit and sip hot chocolate and read good books.