Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I am not a fan of flowers on Valentine's Day. I think it is silly. First of all, they are marked up at least double the price of flowers on any other day. And why would you want flowers on the same day that everyone else is getting flowers? Then your flowers have to compete against everyone else's flowers. And if you get carnations instead of roses, your carnations will feel insignificant, even though they would be gorgeous on any other day. Flowers are better any other day of the year.

C always wins Valentine's Day in our house. He is pretty creative. This year I knew I had him. I had a brilliant plan. He is a huge fan of Count Chocula. Unfortunately, they stopped selling it in stores a very long time ago. Any time we go into a grocery store, he still has to check the cereal aisle to see if they have it. Sadly, they never do. Amazon is the best website. Ever. They have everything. Including Count Chocula. So I ordered him eight boxes. I gave them to him on Saturday because waiting to give someone a gift that I already have in my posession is difficult for me. I left it at work until Friday because I knew I couldn't restrain myself. He was very excited. He couldn't understand why I didn't buy every box they had in stock.

I came home to my gift after work on Valentine's Day. He had arranged a plate full of M&M's in a heart shape. I thought it was pretty stinkin' cute. After looking at Facebook, at least six of my friends had posted photos of the flowers their husbands or boyfriends had sent them. No one had posted crafts made out of M&M's. Creativity saved C at least $60. Or I could just be easily impressed...
And I still didn't win Valentine's Day. I would say this year is a tie.


BKWilliams said...

OH...This would have been the video of a lifetime to watch him carefully place each piece for you. You are so lucky to have such a thoughtful guy.