Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ski Trip

Yesterday I returned to work from a three-day trip to Wolf Creek, Colorado. Blondie and I went with his brother and Julie and C. for a long weekend of skiing and snowboarding. Since I talked Blondie into snowboarding last year, this year I agreed to learn to ski.

Here's a nice photo of me before I bit the dust:

And after. I have to disclose that Blondie did throw a bunch of snow on me for dramatic effect.

Here we are after I dusted off most of the snow.

And the one good shot I got of Blondie and his brother. It was difficult to catch them not being silly.


Michelle said...

Looks like a fun trip!

Kendra said...

How fun!!

Chandelle said...

Fun fun! Great pictures. And love your outfits on Wednesdays.