Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day from the Passenger Seat

Any time it snows in Western Oklahoma, the world seems to shut down. Schools and businesses close until the snow melts, which means I don't have to go to work! The snow doesn't make cattle stop eating, though. So C still has to get out to feed cattle and break ice. On my days off I like to ride along with him. Usually the passenger is in charge of opening gates, but he let me off the hook on Tuesday since it was only 5 degrees outside! This is what we did on our snow day:

This is our first ice chopping stop. These aren't C's cattle, but I thought they were pretty. These share a fence with C's cattle. The sweet little old lady who lives on (and owns) the farms likes to run water for all of the cattle every morning. C tries to stop here first on icy days so the determined little lady won't try to break ice. He also broke ice for these longhorns because little old ladies don't need to be chopping ice!

Lucy seemed to enjoy the snow. One of her favorite activities is running along beside the pickup after C lets her out at a pasture. It scares me when she does this! It especially scares me when it is icy, which is hazardous for running.

These cattle didn't want to move from their spot by the hay bale. They look very cold. And they were not one bit interested in getting a drink after the ice in their tank got chopped. They could use a warm beach and a fruity drink with an umbrella.

Marlboro Man isn't the only one who has to chop ice. C is also a good ice chopper. However, unlike The Pioneer Woman, I am not brave enough to leave the cozy, heated pickup. So all of my photos are taken from the comfort of the passenger seat. Snow days are best when viewed from the passenger seat!


BKWilliams said...

And unlike the Pioneer Woman you did not get a close up of the ice chopper from behind!!! LOL But, bless C's heart...I had to do that for years! Chopping ice is not fun.

Lilibeth said...

It just makes me so thankful for those farmers who do the hard, cold work so we can sit in our warm houses and broil a steak.
Thanks, C.
And even if you stayed in the truck, I'm sure he was glad to have you accompany him. I'm not sure I would have been so amenable.