Friday, March 4, 2011

Basketball Season

This has been a very busy week for me!

I drove to Oklahoma City to see the dentist on Monday and got to have lunch with a friend I haven't seen since college. Then, on Tuesday I went back to OKC after work with some of my colleagues for a legislative reception. Blondie ate dinner at church on Wednesday with his family and he practiced for worship team. Then yesterday we attended an evening lecture at the university. The only day we have eaten dinner at home this week was Monday and I don't even remember what we ate!

Today Blondie is picking me up from work early and we are going to drive two hours to see his school's basketball team play in the area tournament. We will get to eat with his uncle who lives in that town. Then tomorrow we're going back to OKC where Blondie will attend a continuing education workshop and we'll possibly attend another basketball game in the afternoon. Blondie's alma mater, which is in a different size class than his employer, is playing in the state tournament this weekend and we hope they win tonight so we'll get to see them play tomorrow.

Since I went to OKC last Saturday for a church event and to watch basketball with Blondie, I will have made four trips to OKC in seven days! And gas is $3.39 per gallon.