Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Haircut Advice Needed

I can't find my camera, so I can't take a photo of what I wore today. You're not missing much, it was basic black from head to toe. Today I'm showing you a few samples of hairstyles of the past. I'm getting my hair cut next week and I'm trying to decide how to have it cut. I like it long because it's easy to pull back when it's windy or when I'm working out. However, it's getting long enough that it is starting to get in my way.

My hair is very thick and fairly curly, so it's a lot of trouble to get it straight no matter the length. The sweet girl who cuts it always thins it out quite a bit, so that does help. However, at this length, it takes over 30 minutes to dry with a blowdryer on high. Julie and I had to take turns at the mirror when we were on vacation together, and she couldn't figure out what was taking me so long when she was waiting to dry her hair. I just thought it took everyone that long to dry their hair!

While I think the short hairstyle is the most flattering, it is probably the most high maintenance of all. My hair is more curly on one side than the other, so even when I have straightened it, it curls up on one side and looks uneven if my hair was cut while it was wet.

I do use a flatiron on it, but it never really wants to straighten completely. I am thankful for the body, but get a little frustrated that it won't do what I want. That's partly my fault, though, because I pretty much refuse to use any product on it...because I don't like washing it every day...because it takes so long to dry and straighten.

Do you like it long:


Or short:

Extra short was the easiest to maintain, but I'm pretty sure Blondie wouldn't like it:


Lilibeth said...

Somehow all I can see are the long and short pictures. The others don't seem to be recognized by my computer.

BKWilliams said...

My vote is the length in Julie's wedding photo.

Kendra said...

I like the medium length but I also like your hair at your sister's wedding. Making a hair decision can be so daunting. Good luck! I look forward to seeing what you decide on.