Wednesday, March 30, 2011

iPhone Lessons

My dad stopped by to see a friend of his earlier this week and his friend showed him his newfangled iPhone 3G. This guy and wife are 80 years old and have never had cell phones, so it's pretty impressive that they were even willing to try using the things. Their daughter set them up with the phones and gave them instructions on using them, but it's pretty difficult to remember those things when there's no one standing over your shoulder reminding you what to do next.

My dad knew that I had the same phone, so he asked me to go to their house and see if I could give them some tips. They weren't planning to use them for email or Internet or any applications; they just needed to make and receive calls. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I went to see if I could help them. My main concern was that the phones would need to be setup with iTunes and this couple doesn't have a computer. Fortunately, their daughter had already taken care of that, so all we had to do was figure out the calling features.

We went over the basics, like calling people in your contact list, calling people not in your contact list, creating new contacts, checking missed calls, and checking voice mail. They weren't interested in learning to text, but I think they could if they wanted to. Since I know learning lots of different procedures at once can be confusing, I decided it would be a good idea to type up some basic step-by-step instructions for them to refer back to if they needed a refresher. I thought I might be able to find this online, but I couldn't. Thus, I decided maybe I should post it for the benefit of others. I know not many people want to use their iPhone just for making and receiving calls, but it might be helpful to someone!


To call someone in your contacts list:
1. Tap the green “phone” icon on the bottom row of your screen.
2. Tap the “contacts” icon on the bottom row of your screen.
3. Scroll to the name of the person you want to call.
4. Tap the person’s name.
5. Select the number you want to call (home, mobile, etc.).
6. To hang up, tap “End.”
7. To return to the home screen, always press the “home” button.

To call someone not in your contacts list:
1. Tap the green “phone” icon on the bottom row of your screen.
2. Tap the “keypad” icon.
3. Dial the number.
4. Tap the green “call” button.
5. To hang up, tap “End.”
6. To return to the home screen, always press the “home” button.


To create a new contact
1. Tap the green “phone” icon on the bottom row of your screen.
2. Tap the “contacts” icon.
3. Tap the + sign at the top right of your screen.
4. Tap the “first” field; the keyboard will appear and you can type the person’s first name.
5. Tap the “last” field and type the person’s last name.
6. Tap the “mobile” field and enter their phone number.
7. If the label is incorrect (like if you have entered the home number in the mobile field) tap the label and select the appropriate label from the menu.
8. To add additional numbers, simply tap the next open field and it will allow you to enter more numbers.
9. When you have entered all of the information, tap “done” at the top right hand corner.

If you miss a call, you will see a tiny red circle with a number in it at the top right corner of your phone icon. The caller might have left you a voice mail, or you might want to call them back. If you tap the “phone” icon, the menu at the bottom of the screen will give you more information. If there’s just a missed call, your “recents” menu will have a red circle, if you have a voice mail, you will see a red circle by the “voicemail” menu.


To check your voicemail
1. Tap the green “phone” icon on the bottom row of your screen.
2. Tap the “voicemail” icon.
3. New messages are indicated by a blue dot to the left of the name or number of the caller.
4. To listen to a message, tap the name or number of the caller.
5. You can store the message by doing nothing. To listen to it again, simply tap the name or number again.
6. To call the person back, tap the green “call back” button.
7. To delete the message, tap the red “delete” button.

To check your missed calls:
1. Tap the green “phone” icon on the bottom row of your screen.
2. Tap the “Recents” icon that looks like a clock.
3. There are three menu options at the top of the screen: “all,” “missed,” and “clear.” If you tap “all” you will see both calls you have made and received (or missed), if you tap “missed,” you will see only calls that you have missed. If you tap “clear” it will erase all of your recent calls.
4. New calls will show up in red text.
5. If you want to call the person back, simply tap their name or number.

If someone calls you and you want to save their number in your address book, you can save their number without having to type everything in. In your voicemail and recent call menus, you will see small blue circles containing white arrows to the right of a caller’s number. If you tap the circle, an info menu will appear. This will allow you to do several things, like call, send a text message, create a new contact, etc. To create a new contact from this number, simply tap “create new contact” and enter the person’s information just like you do when creating a new contact using the + menu.


If you get really brave and decide you want to send a text message, here is what you do:
1. Find the green “messages” icon on your home screen. Mine is at the top left of my screen. It has a picture of what looks like a conversation bubble from a comic strip.
2. To type a new message, tap the “pencil & paper” icon at the top right of the screen.
3. In the “to” field, start typing the name or number of the person you want to text. Soon, a menu of options will appear under that field. The phone is guessing who you might want to text based on what you have already typed. If you see the person’s name appear, you can stop typing and just tap their name to avoid having to type their whole name.
4. In the oval shaped field just above the keyboard is where you type your message. Remember the “up arrow” next to the Z is your shift key. To find numbers and punctuation, tap the “.?123” key next to the spacebar and a different keyboard will appear. You can toggle between keyboards as much as you want. Whenever you need to type a number or punctuation, just tap that key and type the characters you want. To get back to the letter keyboard, tap the “ABC” key next to the spacebar and continue typing letters.
5. To send, tap the blue “send” button.

Reading and replying to text messages
1. If you have a new text message, a little red circle will appear by your “messages” icon. Tap the icon to enter the texting menu.
2. New messages will be indicated by a blue dot to the left of a message.
3. To read the message, tap the person’s name or number.
4. To reply to the message, tap the oval shaped field at the bottom of the screen and the keyboard will appear.
5. Type your message and tap “send.”


BKWilliams said...

That is so sweet of you to help thy neighbor. Julie has to include pictures when she prints up directions for me:)

Lilibeth said...

Thanks. Now I'll know just where to come if I ever get an i phone. It is so confusing to try to figure all this out by yourself. I usually use the manual that came with the phone, but sometimes I want to use a new function and dont have that with me...and that's with my old phone.