Sunday, March 20, 2011

Karate Kid

Blondie's cousin's young son has taken an interest in karate and has been doing extensive research on the subject. Recently at Sunday lunch at Grandma's house, Blondie taught Zaya some moves. Then, he learned some more moves from his uncle. And yet a few more from his aunt.

Blondie took one semester of karate in college to satisty the physical education requirement. Apparently, to a seven year old, this makes him an expert. Yesterday Zaya asked what color the first belt was, and Blondie explained that it is white. He asked how you earn more advanced belts, and Blondie told him that you have to take a test. Zaya was ready for his test!

Unfortunately, Blondie had to admit that he is not qualified to administer the exam. He told him that he would have to enroll in an actual class for that. That didn't dampen Zaya's spirits, though. He wanted another lesson yesterday. Last time, they worked on cardio and punching and later he learned some new techniques from his aunt and uncle. Yesterday, they studied blocking. They started their "workout" with pushups and a little run, then practiced their karate moves. Blondie's expertise will soon be exhausted, but they are having fun for now!

Zaya's pushup technique has improved significantly since this photo:




Carina said...

Love it! Everybody needs a sensei. =) Maybe we should make Zaya call him Master Blondie.

Lilibeth said...

The pictures are adorable even without the story. They speak volumes, but I love how you wrote this.