Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pay Phone

I did not know such a thing even existed anymore! I took a different route to work this morning, and this caught my eye. It's at a grimy gas station known for selling beer to minors and being robbed on a regular basis...well, as regular as robberies occur in this small town. Even though the phone is fairly out-in-the open (hence my ability to drive up to it and snap a photo with my phone), I'm sure lots of clandestine business still gets transacted there. I must admit, I did not investigate the functionality of this pay phone. That would have required me to touch it, which was out of the question as I was not in possession of rubber gloves and hand sanitizer!


Carina said...

It's like seeing a bird on the endangered species list. A dirty, slightly obscene bird. Best to view from a distance, probably.

Lilibeth said...

odd. It is so much a part of my older consciousness, I would never have noticed it.Now I have to try it and see if it really works. In our play we are using an old rotary dial phone. It has been interesting teaching the actors and actresses how to use it.