Thursday, March 24, 2011

Random Kindness?

A couple of weeks ago, Blondie and I ate dinner at a burger joint we really like. When we arrived, we saw that one of his former college classmates was also there, so we stopped to talk to her and Blondie introduced me.

We went on to eat our dinner, and as the father of the family of four next to us returned to his table after going to the register to pay, we overheard him say that someone has picked up their check. He was dumbfounded, because when the cashier explained that it was the young mother who had been sitting on the other side of the restaurant, he had no idea who she was. When Blondie overheard this, he told them that she was a math teacher at the local high school. They had a high school aged daughter, so he thought it might be possible that she would have recognized the girl from there. However, they said didn't know her at all. Either the girl didn't go to that high school or hadn't had this teacher's class.

As we were driving home, we were still amused by this and we started thinking...what if she actually meant to pay our bill? I mean, we were sitting right next to this family and she actually does know Blondie. And hadn't seen him for a long time. Perhaps she was trying to be friendly to us and the cashier just misunderstood which table she meant to pay for? We'll never know. Now we have a dilemma, though.

If she did intend to pay our check, we should thank her. But what if we're just thinking too hard and she does just choose random strangers in restaurants to confuse with her anonymous generosity? Do we send her an email and say, "if you meant to pay for our dinner, thanks! If not, never mind." Awkward.

If she did mean to pay our bill and got theirs, though, she probably did think we were pretty hungry. You know, since a family of four would theoretically eat twice as much as a couple.


Carina said...

What a social conundrum! No easy answer there, I'm afraid. Maybe she reads your blog and the problem has already been resolved.