Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I'm not really sure if this outfit goes together at all. Since it's officially spring, I thought this shirt was appropriate. However, I usually wear it with jeans or shorts. It's really lightweight and comfortable, but it's also pretty high maintenance. It's 100% cotton, so it has to be ironed. And ironing is a lot of work for a casual garment. Since it has to be ironed, that means it's dressy, right? Is it the same level of "dressed up" as the pants and shoes?

Do the shoes even go with the rest of the ensemble? Normally I would never wear brown shoes with black pants, but these shoes are kind of different. They have texture. I'm not sure if you can see it in the photo, but it's some kind of faux reptile look. They were originally $99, and I got them on sale for $34. I have a burgundy patent leather pair of the same style and brand that are tolerable for high heels and I thought I would really like these. However, they're very stiff and uncomfortable. But I think they look cool! I only wear them when I know I'm going to be sitting most of the day.

I'm definitely not a fan of this photo angle. When I use the camera timer, I have to set it on some stationary object, and usually that object is a desk or table at about mid-thigh level. That makes for some very unusual perspective issues. My legs aren't actually three times as long as my torso, but this photo would suggest otherwise. I thought the seated pose might help with that, but it's still awkward. I should also wear makeup, but I'm just too lazy.

Shirt: Gap, Pants: Express, Shoes: BCBG


Tara said...

At least you aren't regretting your attire. I forgot when getting dressed this am that the shirt I am wearing has extra low arm pit holes. thus bra show-age.. too late to change now. I hope all my students like my black and red bra. lol