Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Lucy Wore Tuesday

C and I have a lot of fun playing in the water. Lucy also enjoys the water, but she's not a very good swimmer. She will have fun splashing around in shallow areas, then get stuck in a spot that is too deep and have to be rescued.

Last Summer, C found a boat for us and we knew Lucy would have a fun time going to the lake with us. We also knew she could easily sink to the bottom of the lake and become catfish food. We love Lucy and don't want her to be catfish food, so we came up with a solution.
This is Lucy's new life jacket. Yes, we are those crazy dog people. But we love our dog and want her to stay alive.

And doesn't this photo make you happy? Because C and I got a great laugh. I can't wait to see her paddling around the lake with it. I think she will like it after she figures out it allows her to swim without sinking, but for now she thinks it is a mean joke.
Life vest: Outward Hound


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Cute post, Julie