Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I'm a winner! And not in a weird, Charlie Sheen kind of way. I really am a winner! Paul Byron Downs at The Basics Blog does a weekly giveaway. I was the lucky winner a few weeks ago when he gave away gift cards to Anthropologie. You should take a look at his blog, it has lots of handy tips! He also has a web page called The Basics, where you can find an archive of his articles. He covers a broad range of topics, I enjoy The Outdoors and Food & Beverage. He even has a grownup recipe for eggs in a hole. It's a fun website!

I love Anthropologie! They have such neat things that I can't afford unless I win a gift card from a blog giveaway. So thank you to Paul Byron Downs for the gift card! I had so much fun choosing what nifty things I wanted!

My first choice was these mini latte bowls. They are really cute and I can't wait to eat ice cream out of them. Or pudding. Or strawberries. But most likely ice cream.

I also got this cute little egg tray. I thought it was going to be bigger and I planned to use it for devilled eggs, but unless I cut the eggs in a way that will cause them to roll all over my plate, I don't think it's going to work. Maybe I will just use it for its intended purpose and it will hold eggs in my refrigerator.

I love how everything from Anthropologie came wrapped in a tidy little package. It was so fancy!

Inside the big envelope was my invoice, and the little package held the gift card. Very chic. At least I think it's chic. I'm not a very chic person, but I think a chic person would identify this packaging as chic. And I felt chic when I opened it.

So go over to The Basics and enter his giveaway on Wednesdays, you might win. And make sure to browse the rest of the website for lots of handy tips!