Thursday, April 28, 2011

Purple Dress

Do you remember when I said that Blondie and I both wore purple to church on Sunday. Well, I failed to mention that Blondie didn't like my dress. He thinks it's both too short and too low cut. I guess either would be fine alone, but not both together. You've seen this dress twice on the blog: once at my bridal shower and once in San Antonio; you be the judge.

I admit, it is both short and low cut. Thus, I wore a sweater and vowed not to wear it to church again. Then, last night a very sweet older lady approached Blondie at church and complimented him on how nice we both looked on Sunday. Both! Blondie thinks that she obviously didn't look very closely. I think I might just wear it again. Or not.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Today I'm wearing the first thing I grabbed from my closet. The clothes are nothing special, but I really like the shoes! You can't see it here, but they're brown with orange stitching and have a cute little owl embroidered on the outside. The necklace is handmade by a Belgian designer. Oh, and the cute little critter next to me is our dog Yogi. He is a little grubby from our recent rain, but we're so thankful for the moisture that we're willing to tolerate a little mud.

Shirt: JKLA, Pants: Studio Y, shoes: OTBT (Off The Beaten Track), necklace: Deer Lola

Nothing Much and a Lame Joke

So. It's been, like, a while since anything new was posted on this blog. It's about time for some updates! Unfortunately, nothing really spectacular has happened since the necklace giveaway.

Let's see. Last week I did have an interesting week. I missed a very interesting seminar presented by the Federal Reserve Bank to attend a statewide staff meeting in Oklahoma City. Then, I attended a luncheon honoring the Small Business Administration's award winners for 2011. That was actually pretty exciting because I was one of the winners. I got my picture taken with the Lieutenant Governor at the state capitol and received a trophy with my name on it (spelled correctly!) and got to make a little speech. My mom even came to the luncheon with me, which was really nice.

Last weekend Blondie and I went to see my granny on Saturday and visited with the other family members who had come to visit with my aunt and uncle who had come from Colorado. Then we spent Easter Sunday with Blondie's family. Blondie and I both wore purple to church on Sunday, and his brother showed up in a purple shirt too. Thrilling, I know.

Grandma T, who serves lunch to the entire family every Sunday, made Easter special by using real dishes and real linens. I know that's probably not fancy to some people, but let's face it, when you're making dinner for twenty every week, do you really want to wash plates and tablecloths in addition to all of the cookware it requires to prepare a meal for that many people? Doubtful.

Her menu was even pretty special. I expected her to serve ham, because I know it as an Easter staple, but Blondie disagreed. He doesn't think ham is an Easter food. What do you think? I have always thought of turkey as Christmas and Thanksgiving and ham as Easter. Anyway, Grandma did make ham, but she also made verenika casserole. She makes real verenika for Christmas dinner, but verenika casserole is a worthy substitute. Blondie loves it, and he mentioned how my verenika casserole is, "pretty good, but not Grandma's." That was a good save. I know creamy=good and that's OK. I agree that mine isn't as good either.

At dinner, Blondie told a lame joke that I had heard on the radio and posted on facebook earlier in the week. Here it is for your enjoyment:

A cowboy walks into a deserted bar and orders a whiskey. When the bartender delivers his drink, the cowboy inquires about the emptiness of the bar.

Cowboy: Where is everybody?
Bartender: At the hangin'.
Cowboy: Who are they hangin'?
Bartender: Brown Paper Pete.
Cowboy: Brown Paper Pete? What kind of name is that?
Bartender: Well, he wears a brown paper hat, brown paper shirt, brown paper trousers, and brown paper boots; so they call him Brown Paper Pete.
Cowboy: What are they hangin' him for?
Bartender: Rustlin'.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

...And the Winner Is...

Thank you to everyone who entered the Ronna's Creations giveaway!

Now for our winner!

(Drumroll, please)

The lucky winner is (selected by the random number generator at comment #6, Leah!

Congratulations, Leah! I will contact you via email today just in case you miss this post and then you can tell me where to send your necklace!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wife Tax

Blondie really likes ice cream. Many evenings after we've eaten supper and cleaned the kitchen and settled down for some relaxing Netflix, he'll treat himself to three scoops of ice cream with a sliced banana and chocolate syrup. He's figured out the perfect ice cream/banana/syrup ratio. His ice cream is so good! And I don't really even like ice cream that much. I always want to try his ice cream. Just one bite. Then another, and another. He calls this the wife tax.

He adds an extra scoop to his ice cream sundae because he knows I'll want a bite. He orders a large Dr. Pepper because he knows I'll want a drink. Blondie made it clear when we started dating that he doesn't share food. That rule went right out the window, though. He shares food (and drinks) with me. It's the wife tax.

Last night he was eating a piece of peach pie that I had made for Sunday dinner. He had heated up the pie in the microwave and topped it with a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream. It was perfect! I asked for a bite and he handed me the bowl. I took a couple bites, and just before I handed the bowl back to him, I pinched off a piece of crust (my favorite part) and he warned me that the pie was getting soggy.

I said, "oh? I guess I should eat some, then." He laughed. "You're eating some now! It's the wife tax."

What I meant was that I should get my own piece of pie before it went bad. I gave him his pie back and went to cut myself a piece. I offered him some to repay him for the bites I had eaten of his pie, but he declined. He says there's no such thing as a husband tax.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ronna's Creations

Last Saturday, Julie and I went to visit our talented cousin who recently opened her own store in Clarendon, Texas. Ronna works full time as a hairstylist all week, and deisgns jewelry and other crafts in her spare time. She started out by selling handmade jewelry to her friends and family, then her business grew to arts and crafts fairs, and now she has opened her own shop. Here is a little glimpse of what you can find at Ronna's Creations.

Her main product is her handmade jewelry, but she also sells little girls' hairbows, sunglasses, purses, jelly watches, Power Balance bracelets, clothing, and some home decor. If you would like to see her creations in person, you could visit the store in Clarendon like we did, or you could catch up with her at one of the many arts and crafts shows she attends during the summer. This weekend she will be at Old Sorehead Trade Days in Stanton, Texas. She will also be at the Mangum Rattlesnake Derby on April 29 through May 1 and she will be at the Elk City Spring Fling May 7 and 8.

Ronna's mom, our Aunt Jane, creates these personalized signs. I love the zebra striped ones framed by feather boas for a little girl's room, or the football for a little boy's room. They're very reasonably priced at $10 and have been a very popular item at their summer arts and crafts shows.

Don't you love how Aunt Jane's t-shirt matches her trademark zebra striped signs? I'm sure she got that shirt from the store!

Our cousin Calvin and uncle Ronnie, Ronna's brother and dad, make these wire and iron crosses and wood frames. Their barbed wire wreaths (which must be out of stock in the spring are very popular at Christmas time.

I think everyone who went to the store on Sunday went home with a new piece of jewelry. Here's Ronna helping Granny check out.

And one final photo of the whole group. From left to right: Ronna, Mom, me, Aunt Mary, Julie, Aunt Jane, and Granny.

Do you like that necklace I'm wearing in the photo? You could win it! All you have to do is go to Ronna's facebook page and click "Like," then come back here and tell me that you are following her page.

The giveaway ends at 10:00 pm, central time, on Wednesday, April 13, 2011. Due to shipping issues, the giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only. This giveaway is sponsored by Julie and me. Nobody paid us to say nice things about Ronna's Creations, we just like her stuff.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Automotive Excellence

Wednesday when I pulled up to the bank's drive through window and couldn't roll down my window, I was first confused, then embarrassed. The teller assured me that it happens more often than you might think, which did ease my mind slightly.

I had been having trouble with my driver side door lock for a while. Recently, my door would lock only about 30% of the time when I used the button on the door panel. No worries, though, it always worked when I used the key fob flicker. However, I knew it was only a matter of time before the window controls would fail too. Fortunately, it quit when the window was up!

In addition to the window and door locking problem, my lights were also being weird. When the electrical problem with the door occurred, my interior lights came on and wouldn't go off. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do about that. Blondie figured out that the switch that allows you to dim and brighten the lights would turn the interior lights off if you keep it on the dimmest setting. At that level, I could barely see the instrument panel at night.

In reality, I could live with either of these problems. I can go in to the bank lobby, I can lock the doors manually, and while the instrument panel was pretty dim, it was still visible. What concerned me was that since these issues both occurred at the same time, there could be a more serious underlying issue. Like a voltage problem that would decrease the life of my battery and leave me stranded two hours from home. Not cool.

Anyway, I figured I ought to have it checked out, so I took my Jeep to my trusty mechanic at Automotive Excellence. Randall and Breaden do a great job of keeping my old Jeep running right, so I wanted to get their opinion of whether or not it was a serious issue that was worth fixing. Breaden looked it over and determined that he may or may not be able to fix it. His modesty was so charming.

I left my Jeep in his capable hands and when I called back at lunchtime, it was fixed! For $65! I was prepared for this electrical issue to be incredibly complicated and cost hundreds of dollars, so I was quite relieved that they took care of it so inexpensively. I always take my Jeep to Randall for oil changes and new tires and he always takes care of me. I would highly recommend Automotive Excellence for all of your automotive needs!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Today I wore a new hairdo! That 13" ponytail will be going to Locks of Love.

Here's the before photo:

Top: Old Navy, Jeans: American Eagle, Shoes: Me Too

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bring Back the Campfire!

One of C and my favorite weekend activities is having a campfire with our friends. We usually roast hot dogs and marshmallows and have an ice chest full of Dr. Pepper. Sometimes one of the guys will get inventive and cook something delicious in a dutch oven. We rarely stay the night because there is always work, or church, or some other important activity the next morning, but a campfire breakfast is one of C's favorite meals. We agree that food is better when you make it over a campfire.

Last weekend was no different. Except for one important factor. A large percentage of Oklahoma is in a burn ban, our county included. We decided to load the charcoal grill up and head to the creek anyway. We arranged our camping chairs in their usual circle, except this time the grill was the center of the circle. We grilled hot dogs, sausage, and one of the guys even made coffee in his enamelware pot. We even put a few marshmallows on the grill for s'mores.

After this weekend, I have decided that our creek gatherings need a campfire. They are a central element to a good get-together. Gatherings just aren't the same when they happen around a grill. I really hope it starts to rain soon. I'm not sure how much longer we can stand to gather around the grill!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Blondie and I had a big weekend! We stayed out late visiting with friends on Friday night, and got up early Saturday morning to attend church event in Oklahoma City. The prom was on Saturday night and we had another late night. Since he is a senior class sponsor, he had to stay until the prom ended to chaperone the dance. This year, the theme was Mardi Gras and they had suggested that people wear masks. Very few people actually did, but Blondie didn't disappoint.

I was a little embarrassed to be seen in public with him wearing that mask, but there were some pretty masks on the tables for people to wear. Those feathery masks look pretty, but they tickle your nose!

We only wore the masks for photos, though. Here's one of us looking normal: