Thursday, April 7, 2011

Automotive Excellence

Wednesday when I pulled up to the bank's drive through window and couldn't roll down my window, I was first confused, then embarrassed. The teller assured me that it happens more often than you might think, which did ease my mind slightly.

I had been having trouble with my driver side door lock for a while. Recently, my door would lock only about 30% of the time when I used the button on the door panel. No worries, though, it always worked when I used the key fob flicker. However, I knew it was only a matter of time before the window controls would fail too. Fortunately, it quit when the window was up!

In addition to the window and door locking problem, my lights were also being weird. When the electrical problem with the door occurred, my interior lights came on and wouldn't go off. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do about that. Blondie figured out that the switch that allows you to dim and brighten the lights would turn the interior lights off if you keep it on the dimmest setting. At that level, I could barely see the instrument panel at night.

In reality, I could live with either of these problems. I can go in to the bank lobby, I can lock the doors manually, and while the instrument panel was pretty dim, it was still visible. What concerned me was that since these issues both occurred at the same time, there could be a more serious underlying issue. Like a voltage problem that would decrease the life of my battery and leave me stranded two hours from home. Not cool.

Anyway, I figured I ought to have it checked out, so I took my Jeep to my trusty mechanic at Automotive Excellence. Randall and Breaden do a great job of keeping my old Jeep running right, so I wanted to get their opinion of whether or not it was a serious issue that was worth fixing. Breaden looked it over and determined that he may or may not be able to fix it. His modesty was so charming.

I left my Jeep in his capable hands and when I called back at lunchtime, it was fixed! For $65! I was prepared for this electrical issue to be incredibly complicated and cost hundreds of dollars, so I was quite relieved that they took care of it so inexpensively. I always take my Jeep to Randall for oil changes and new tires and he always takes care of me. I would highly recommend Automotive Excellence for all of your automotive needs!


Lilibeth said...

Well, you've convinced me. The last time I took mine in for an electrical problem the guy insisted that those lights on the panel just weren't meant to come on and never had. He didn't believe me that they always used to come on, and he just smiled in a knowing way when I told him that the heated seat feature was gone too. I'm sure he thought I was only imagining that too.

Last summer, we took Elijah's car to the shop. He kept it for a week and the cost of fixing a signal some other electrical "underlying issues" was over five hundred dollars.