Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nothing Much and a Lame Joke

So. It's been, like, a while since anything new was posted on this blog. It's about time for some updates! Unfortunately, nothing really spectacular has happened since the necklace giveaway.

Let's see. Last week I did have an interesting week. I missed a very interesting seminar presented by the Federal Reserve Bank to attend a statewide staff meeting in Oklahoma City. Then, I attended a luncheon honoring the Small Business Administration's award winners for 2011. That was actually pretty exciting because I was one of the winners. I got my picture taken with the Lieutenant Governor at the state capitol and received a trophy with my name on it (spelled correctly!) and got to make a little speech. My mom even came to the luncheon with me, which was really nice.

Last weekend Blondie and I went to see my granny on Saturday and visited with the other family members who had come to visit with my aunt and uncle who had come from Colorado. Then we spent Easter Sunday with Blondie's family. Blondie and I both wore purple to church on Sunday, and his brother showed up in a purple shirt too. Thrilling, I know.

Grandma T, who serves lunch to the entire family every Sunday, made Easter special by using real dishes and real linens. I know that's probably not fancy to some people, but let's face it, when you're making dinner for twenty every week, do you really want to wash plates and tablecloths in addition to all of the cookware it requires to prepare a meal for that many people? Doubtful.

Her menu was even pretty special. I expected her to serve ham, because I know it as an Easter staple, but Blondie disagreed. He doesn't think ham is an Easter food. What do you think? I have always thought of turkey as Christmas and Thanksgiving and ham as Easter. Anyway, Grandma did make ham, but she also made verenika casserole. She makes real verenika for Christmas dinner, but verenika casserole is a worthy substitute. Blondie loves it, and he mentioned how my verenika casserole is, "pretty good, but not Grandma's." That was a good save. I know creamy=good and that's OK. I agree that mine isn't as good either.

At dinner, Blondie told a lame joke that I had heard on the radio and posted on facebook earlier in the week. Here it is for your enjoyment:

A cowboy walks into a deserted bar and orders a whiskey. When the bartender delivers his drink, the cowboy inquires about the emptiness of the bar.

Cowboy: Where is everybody?
Bartender: At the hangin'.
Cowboy: Who are they hangin'?
Bartender: Brown Paper Pete.
Cowboy: Brown Paper Pete? What kind of name is that?
Bartender: Well, he wears a brown paper hat, brown paper shirt, brown paper trousers, and brown paper boots; so they call him Brown Paper Pete.
Cowboy: What are they hangin' him for?
Bartender: Rustlin'.