Monday, April 4, 2011


Blondie and I had a big weekend! We stayed out late visiting with friends on Friday night, and got up early Saturday morning to attend church event in Oklahoma City. The prom was on Saturday night and we had another late night. Since he is a senior class sponsor, he had to stay until the prom ended to chaperone the dance. This year, the theme was Mardi Gras and they had suggested that people wear masks. Very few people actually did, but Blondie didn't disappoint.

I was a little embarrassed to be seen in public with him wearing that mask, but there were some pretty masks on the tables for people to wear. Those feathery masks look pretty, but they tickle your nose!

We only wore the masks for photos, though. Here's one of us looking normal:


Lilibeth said...

I kind of like the nose on Blondie. It reminds me of all those homecoming dress-up days in his high school days when he and Art outdid everyone with their costumes. Who could forget Robin Hood and Little John, replete with wooden staves and long bows? And tights even!

Chandelle said...

You both look great in the pictures!

Carina said...

Oh yes, the tights. I'd have to say that the Marx mask is better, generally. =)