Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wife Tax

Blondie really likes ice cream. Many evenings after we've eaten supper and cleaned the kitchen and settled down for some relaxing Netflix, he'll treat himself to three scoops of ice cream with a sliced banana and chocolate syrup. He's figured out the perfect ice cream/banana/syrup ratio. His ice cream is so good! And I don't really even like ice cream that much. I always want to try his ice cream. Just one bite. Then another, and another. He calls this the wife tax.

He adds an extra scoop to his ice cream sundae because he knows I'll want a bite. He orders a large Dr. Pepper because he knows I'll want a drink. Blondie made it clear when we started dating that he doesn't share food. That rule went right out the window, though. He shares food (and drinks) with me. It's the wife tax.

Last night he was eating a piece of peach pie that I had made for Sunday dinner. He had heated up the pie in the microwave and topped it with a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream. It was perfect! I asked for a bite and he handed me the bowl. I took a couple bites, and just before I handed the bowl back to him, I pinched off a piece of crust (my favorite part) and he warned me that the pie was getting soggy.

I said, "oh? I guess I should eat some, then." He laughed. "You're eating some now! It's the wife tax."

What I meant was that I should get my own piece of pie before it went bad. I gave him his pie back and went to cut myself a piece. I offered him some to repay him for the bites I had eaten of his pie, but he declined. He says there's no such thing as a husband tax.


Mary at Deep South Dish said...

Funny! My husband was always trying to give me food off of his plate in the beginning of our relationship. I guess I finally said no enough that he quit! I'm not too hip about eating off of other people's plates, especially once they've been eating off of it LOL!!

Ice cream with bananas and chocolate syrup has always been one of my favorites! I add nuts to mine, and sometimes a maraschino cherry too! Thanks for stopping by to visit me today. :)