Friday, May 13, 2011

Business Cards

I'm somewhat of a collector of business cards. I pick them up everywhere I go to remember a restaurant I like or a store I want to visit again and I like to gather them on vacations to remind me of special places I visited.

This week I had to purge my Rolodex because it was packed so full that it would not close. Here are a few that I could not part with

The mechanic who keeps my car in tip-top shape:

The restaurant in Washington, D.C. where I ate with my colleagues during Small Business Week 2009 and a handsome stranger invited me to share his dinner:

Blondie's aunt, who was recently featured in Make and will make her artistic debut at Maker Faire demonstrating cyanotype printing:

A charming salon in a neighboring town:

My cousin, who makes fantastic jewelry:

The Japanese hardware store in Berkeley where Blondie splurged on his fancy Santoku knife:

The restaurant where Justin and Christina took us for dinner the evening we got engaged:

The restaurant where we ate dinner on our wedding night:

It was sad to see the cards that belonged to friends and acquaintances who had passed away and sweet to see the ones whose names had changed due to marriage. I will continue to collect these small reminders of people and places that mean something to me.


Kendra said...

Is Darci back to cutting hair? She cut my hair several months ago and then took some time off. I just love her.