Thursday, June 2, 2011

Introducing Pinky

This is Pinky, Yogi's baby sister. We have had her for a couple of weeks and have grown quite attached to her. She might even be just a tad bit spoiled.

Pinky and Yogi love to play together all day long. Pinky is the typical little sister. She was the runt of her litter, so she's quite a bit smaller than her four brothers. Her favorite trick is to go bite everyone's tails to start fights and then hide and watch the action. She does the same thing with Yogi, but he's much more tolerant than the other puppies. He's very good at sharing his toys and playing gently with Pinky.

I vacuumed the carpet yesterday and picked up all of the toys beforehand. When Pinky came inside a few minutes later, she immediately dragged all of her toys out of the basket. She loves to play. In fact, her favorite toy is that brown hedgehog that is 2/3 her size.

People have given her petite toys more appropriate for a puppy her size, but she's more interested in Yogi's big dog toys. She also likes big dog treats and big dog food. Unfortunately, she's just not going to be a big dog. Yogi is about 20 pounds and 15 inches tall, which is normal for a Miniature Australian Shepherd. However, we expect Pinky to be much smaller. Pinky and Yogi have a sister from another litter that is toy sized and we think Pinky will look a lot like her as an adult.


BKWilliams said... check out Kaysee's blog and read about the new store her mom is opening June 4th inside the Attic Door in Elk City....Woof's Gone Wild....all dog things!!! Your pretty new puppy needs some of the dog baby stuff from her store!

Carina said...

You forgot to mention that Pinky is pretty much the cutest dog ever and my kids love her like crazy. I hope they don't try to steal her before we move.