Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pawn Shop Purchases

Today I was checking our bank statement and noticed a transaction at our local pawn shop. I, personally, am not a fan of pawn shopping, but Blondie finds it thrilling. I have issues with germs and grime, so pawn shops aren't my ideal shopping environment. Wherever we go, if we have time to kill and run across a pawn shop he wants to stop and browse. I've never actually seen him purchase anything at a pawn shop, but I know he has.

As I was perusing our bank statement today, I thought it was a pretty safe bet that Blondie had bought something he didn't tell me about. It was only $30, and I spend $30 without telling him all the time, so it really wasn't a big deal. However, I don't want some stranger spending our $30 at the pawn shop. I decided it was prudent to call Blondie about this transaction.

I caught him at the best possible time. He had just gotten in the shower when the phone rang, so when he answered, he was dripping all over the floor which means he was making a little mess. I casually asked about the pawn shop purchase and he immediately said, "I knew I should have paid cash!" Blondie was the culprit! Now he was going to be in trouble for two things: making a little mess and buying stuff at the pawn shop.

Now, I didn't want to ruin some special surprise. I mean, what if his pawn shop purchase had been a present for me! However, I know Blondie is aware of my opinion of pawn shops, so it was a pretty safe bet that the item in question wasn't for me.

I asked him what it was and he reluctantly told me that he had bought an Xbox game. Two Xbox games, actually. Two Xbox games for $30 sounds like a pretty good deal.


BKWilliams said...

Blondie or you need not fear the pawn shops on Main or in the neighboring town on Frisco. The owner is way more afraid of germs than you could ever be...he is germphobia (mysophobia) to the max!