Thursday, June 9, 2011


My friend posted something on Facebook yesterday about not being able to tell the difference between her 9 year old son's socks and her husband's. I feel for her. I have laundry issues too.

We wash all of our whites together and I'm very particular about matching socks. I like the socks on both feet to be equally fluffy, so I try to pair socks at similar stages of deterioration. I put crisp white socks with other new socks and I put the dingy gray socks with the other worn ones. Blondie is satisfied with any matchup, just as long as short socks are together and long socks are together. He doesn't care if there's a black stripe on one and a gray heel on the other. You can't see that part anyway. That would drive me crazy.

When we got married, I warned Blondie that I don't sort laundry. I don't think it makes sense to dig through your dirty clothes looking for dirty items that go together. I think laudry should be pre-sorted. Whites go in the white basket, colors go in the blue basket, jeans go in the gray basket, and towels go in the bathroom basket.

I also don't un-wad socks. Since things should be pre-sorted, I just stuff everything into the washer without going through each item. I'm not handling Blondie's stinky socks any more than necessary. This results in pulling wet sock balls out of the dryer when the laundry is done. Those soggy socks can't be clean!

I threatened Blondie and told him that I wasn't un-wadding his nasty socks. I told him I would just throw them away. He said that was fine. He doesn't need me to do his laundry anyway. He'll just do it himself.

That's what I get for marrying a guy who can take care of himself.

P.S. Blondie and I have different tolerance thresholds where laundry piles are concerned. Yes, he's perfectly willing to do his laundry himself, but only after the pile is waist high. I can't let it sit that long. When it starts spilling out of the closet, I have to do something about it. Thus, I end up doing Blondie's laundry, even though he's perfectly capable and willing to do it himself. And I haven't thrown away any socks yet.


Lilibeth said...

It's always been a huge mystery to me why some people--I won't name any names here but they are male--drop their dirty clothes on the floor beside the basket instead of in it. It's illogical, inconvenient, and pointless...but they persist, year after year.

Carina said...

Oh, we have the wadded up sock issue as well. I refuse to unwad nasty, stinky socks. I If they come of of the dryer all waded up, I grip them at the end and slap them against a basket until they come out right. Then I throw them right back into the Whites basket for the next go round.