Monday, June 13, 2011

Together or Separate?

Blondie and I went shopping for a new oven on Saturday, and while we were in Oklahoma City, we met one of his old friends for lunch. Blondie and Josh went to high school together and went to the same college for two years. When they both went to graduate school at OSU, they lived together until Josh got married.

Here's a photo of Art, Josh, and Blondie from their high school days:

Blondie called Josh on Saturday morning to see if he and his wife, Katherine, were free for lunch. We agreed to meet at an unnamed Bricktown restaurant at 12:30. Blondie and I got there first and looked at the menu. Blondie determined that if we ate there, he would definitely need a snack right after lunch. We decided to ditch that plan and go somewhere else.

When Josh and Katherine arrived, we decided on a different restaurant. Our server was very quiet, and possibly new to this line of work. No one ordered anything complicated, but the waiter didn't offer soup or salad, which was supposed to come with our meal.

Blondie really likes salad, so when our food arrived, he asked about it. There were other waiters carrying around salad, so it seemed pretty normal to us. Our server acted really confused, like it was unusual for a customer to request salad. Especially this late in the game. Nonetheless, he brought our salad. He brought enough salad for one hungry person or two skinny ladies in a giant bowl with four smaller bowls and no serving utensils. It came with standard Italian dressing, which Blondie doesn't like, so he asked for some ranch. The waiter brought one small container of it, and said he would be right back with another. Apparently there was a supply chain issue with the ranch dressing.

Blondie took his share of the salad, and politely left some for the rest of us. None of us were really interested in salad at this point, but Josh ate some just because we all felt guilty for requesting salad and not eating it.

When the time came to pay our bill, the waiter asked if the check was to be together or separate, and we told him it was separate. He returned with four separate checks. In his defense, we did, say "separate," but it was pretty obvious that we were two couples. Josh and Katherine were sitting on one side of the table and we were on the other side. We just laughed and paid our four separate checks. Blondie said that next time he will use more definitive hand gestures to indicate that the checks should only be partially separate.

Overall, our lunch was a potentially awkward experience that turned out to be funny. I was so glad that Josh and Katherine were flexible about the restaurant we chose and tolerant of the inexperienced waiter. When meeting new people, you never know how they will react to such situations and I tend to feel responsible if things don't go exactly right.


Carina said...

I don't remember Josh being a very high maintenance kind of guy, so I'm sure it was all fine. =) Sounds like that poor little waiter is in for a long summer.